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DPA Baseball is about the Players who want to be true baseball athletes. We only work with dedicated players who are serious about baseball. Every day we are developing young athletes to become more Dynamic, Powerful & Athletic in Baseball. We do not cookie cut, clone or train you on a One Size Fits All Program. At DPA we believe that every player is unique and that is why we give each individual athlete a Personalised Training Program to enhance their development.


The Arm Pain Specialists Of Australia

Are you suffering from Arm Pain, Arm Fatigue, Arm Soreness or Arm Stiffness and the only answer you're getting is "Just Rest It". Are you thinking the only option to heal the pain is surgery? There is a solution, A Natural Solution.

DPA Baseball has had countless players over the years come to us suffering with various arm pain complications. After listening to common arm pain symptoms, we are able to diagnose the contributing factors of their pain and then offer the player a personalised program to eliminate the pain. There are many contributing factors to pain, not just what the eyes can see.

What makes DPA Baseball's Arm Care Program special is we "Begin With The Pain". It's not acceptable to be in pain all the time and it's okay to ask, "WHY?"
Arm Care, Arm Health and Arm Durability is paramount at DPA Baseball. This is what separates DPA from the rest of the pack.


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