Monthly Archives: August 2017

Rethinking Your On-Deck Warm Up Routine : Brian Oates

An age old baseball tradition is for hitters to warm up in the on-deck circle with some type of heavier than normal bat. It could be that the hitter adds a donut to his bat or perhaps he swings with two bats in his hands.  Below is what you often see on Major League on-deck…
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Don’t Hesitate : Flint Wallace

We all have an unconscious habit of hesitating. We do not want to do things that are uncomfortable, scary, or challenging. Most of the time we don't even realize we hesitate, that is why it is an unconscious habit. More than likely, you can probably trace every problem in your life to silence and hesitation.…
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Licking The Surface Of The Sun : Randy Sullivan

Hello So… You know that little hole in the lid of the coffee cup?The one with the warning that says “caution contents hot?” I believe it might be the worst invention in the history of coffee. Sure… it seems like a good idea… IF (and that’s a big IF) it’s connected properly to the cup. I…
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