the DPA Baseball physical Assessment

The DPA Baseball Assessment is the most crucial task we take on at DPA Baseball. Without significantly knowing where each individuals physical constraints and weakness are we wouldn't be able to provide a Personalised Program for the athlete. This is paramount to what we do.

Our athletes have benefited tremendously when finding out exactly what their constraints are and attacking them head on with a purpose.


We all have different shapes and sizes. We all have different Mobility & Flexibility. We all have different Strength & Stability. So why should a One-Size-Fits-All program fit anybody. Truth is, it doesn't. It never has and it never will. The difference between DPA Baseball and everyone else is we assess the entire body first before even considering what program is best for the athlete.

All of our athletes must first go through our head to toe physical assessment before they begin one of our programs. The assessment is vital to personalising a program for their individual development. This screening process is a 13-point movement screen designed to identify dysfunctional movement patterns and asymmetries within the body. Some of the things we view during this process are Mobility, Stability, Flexibility, Strength, Scapular Rhythm Dyskinesia and Rotational Range.

All DPA Baseball physical assessments are performed by our licensed physical therapist Chris Matsias at MEND Physio, Kingsgrove. If you would like to book Chris for an assessment please visit the website by clicking the image to the right. Make sure you mention DPA Baseball so Chris is aware of what assessment is needed.

Note : All DPA Baseball Physical Assessments are entitled to Private Health Fund Rebates.

If you live outside of Sydney or interstate we are happy to contact your local physical therapist and pass on information regarding the assessment. Please note that the PT must be a certified FMS Trainer.


The DPA Baseball Video Analysis assessment

The DPA Baseball Video Analysis Assessment is an essential part of looking at the athlete through high speed cameras and observing the throwing patterns or swing patterns he or she has. Allowing the Video Analysis to tell us exactly what happens in the athletes patterns (instead of just standing in front of them and saying this is what you need) gives us vital information as to where we begin and what program they are advised to proceed with. We can rectify any disconnections going on with the body and zero in on any red flag situations.

Through our 24 Point Checklist we will illustrate to you exactly what is needed to help you in your development to becoming a high calibre baseball player.


Assessment Packages

Physical Assessment
Head To Toe Physical Assessment
Personalised Remedial Exercise Plan
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Video Analysis
2hr One-On-One Session
High Speed Video Analysis
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