About Us

DPA Baseball is everything the name stands for – DYNAMIC : POWERFUL : ATHLETIC.

DPA Baseball have a different view on the development of Pitchers, Batters and all our athletes in Australia. DPA Baseball do not believe in the conventional wisdom of ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL programs. DPA Baseball view every single athlete unique in their own way, and this is why DPA Baseball personalise each individual program to each individual athlete. DPA Baseball's main focus for our athletes is to accelerate growth and remain in the paradigms of Motor Learning - Athleticism, Myelination, Neuromuscular Firing as well as following the Bernstein Principles and Bosch Protocols. These are just some methods DPA Baseball follow which has changed the way we view baseball development all together.

DPA Baseball is owned and run by Greg Wickham. Along with his father Ric Wickham, the father and son team have been at the forefront of developing baseball athletes since starting their other company Junior Baseball Coaching. Coach Greg and Coach Ric take multiple trips a year over to the U.S.A. for seminars and meetings to discover what is new about developing baseball athletes as well as updating their training protocols. Over the years Coach Greg and Coach Ric have built strong relationships and consulted with some of the greatest minds in baseball from Academy Owners, Pitching Coaches, Hitting Coaches, College Coaches, Minor League Coaches, Major League Coaches, MLB Scouts, Physical Therapists and Strength & Conditioning Coaches across the United States and the World.

In 2005, with over 20 years baseball coaching experience, Coach Ric began looking at baseball training and more importantly development in a completely different angle. Baseball training in Australia just wasn't where it should be. A change was needed. Proper development was needed. After extensive conversations with Coach Greg over the years, they decided it was time for everyone to get this information across Australia. Over the last couple of years DPA Baseball have been working with a select few players across Sydney and Country NSW developing their baseball skills and seeing a dramatic impact on their Velocity, Command, Power Hitting and most importantly, Arm Care & Durability.

DPA Baseball is not your normal baseball training. DPA Baseball is purely about Development! There is no cookie cutting in our training.There is no quick fix in our training. There is no One-Size-Fits-All in our training.

If you are :

IF YOU will :

IF YOU can :

IF YOU have :

  • serious about your future

  • work hard for your dream

  • trust in the process

  •  The right work ethic

DPA Baseball will give you the plan


DPA Baseball Coaching Staff

Greg Wickham
Founder / Owner
LEad Pitching / Throwing Instructor
Director Of Player Development
ROme Kumar
Strength & Conditioning Instructor
Nutritional Coach
Chris Matsias
Physical Therapist
FMS Certified Trainer

Training Methods

We develop our athletes with the Backward Chaining / Back Shaping method. In other words, starting from the most critical point and working our way backwards. Our training methods are far beyond the conventional wisdom of baseball teachings. Over the years we found that the traditional way of teaching baseball athletes here in Australia was simply a One-Size-Fits-All approach, so we decided to look at things differently, under a different angle and under a different light. Simply put...WE MEASURE EVERYTHING!

  • Video Analysis
  • Velocity
  • Arm Speed
  • Hand Speed
  • Ball Exit Speed
  • Wake Up / Warm Up
  • Arm Stress
  • Swing Length
  • Command
  • Speed
  • Arm Slot
  • Swing Time
  • Recovery
  • Bat Speed
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Motor Building
  • Strength
  • Bullpen
  • Launch Angle
  • Blocking
  • Reaction Time
  • Pop Time
  • Bat RPM
  • Long Toss

Whatever can be objectively measured, we measure. This theory allows us to give our athletes instant feedback to them instead of the words. We believe words get in the way of development and with our objective measurements we can speed up the process of development for each individual.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement.
If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it.
If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.”



Oates Specialties Australian Representative

DPA Baseball is the Australian Representative of Oates Specialties in Huntsville, Texas, USA.

When DPA Baseball started utilising the Oates Specialties equipment years ago we saw dramatic improvement with all of our athletes in Arm Care, Strength, Stability, Mobility, Flexibility, Power, Velocity and Command. As Coach Greg says about the Oates Specialties equipment "There is nothing like it on the market. Mr Oates and Gunnar Thompson are two of the finest gentlemen I have ever met and have helped me out over the years shipping all of our equipment to Australia. Without a doubt, I know DPA Baseball and Junior Baseball Coaching wouldn't be where it is today without the help and equipment from the team at Oates Specialties".

Oates Specialties sells select conditioning equipment and accessories for the elite athlete under its proprietary 'TAP' product line. We offer unique training equipment that targets the fast twitch ATP energy system so that athletes in all sports can become more explosive, dynamic, and athletic. Many of our products also help to improve functional strength, such as rotational power and speed that is critical for sports like baseball, tennis, and golf. A number of our products are designed for the specific needs of the throwing athlete to enable him or her to realise superior arm health and increased velocity. Whether your goal is to become faster, stronger, quicker, or to jump higher, throw harder, and hit it farther, or simply become a more durable athlete, we have the conditioning tools that will help you achieve that objective.

Oates Specialties is a family owned business and have been in operation since 2003. It is our goal to be the main resource for your training needs. Throughout the Oates Specialties equipment pages you will find dozens of  videos of how our products can be used as well as the blog discussing new equipment and other topics of interest. Most of our products promote explosive dynamic movement targeting the ATP energy system. Our desire is to provide equipment that helps create athleticism. Oates Specialties products are innovative and unique. You can use them in a weight room or out on a athletic field. Our products are designed for use of athletes all ages and ability. So whether you are a youth athlete or a professional athlete, our product line can help your game. In addition to individual athletes, we frequently sell to Academies, High Schools and College Programs.

Read below what others have to say about Oates Specialties -


Coach Greg with Gunnar Thompson and
Mr Robert Oates from Oates Specialties

"What Robert Oates does is provide the equipment that is shown to be very successful in helping young pitchers achieve their dreams. I've known Robert and his son Brian for a long time and both have done an excellent job in providing quality products. Their business operation is second to none. I've utilised a lot of their stuff for my pro guys and I see a lot of benefits from their equipment".

Brent Strom
Houston Astros Pitching Coach

"We get all of our equipment from Robert Oates at Oates Specialties. It's the greatest place to purchase equipment. It's one stop shopping and everything you need for your workout designs and needs. Go there and get your stuff right now".

Randy Sullivan
Florida Baseball Ranch CEO

"I've been doing business with Mr Oates for well over 10 years now. Guys, if you want one stop shopping, if you want to get all of your baseball needs from one store you need to go to Oates Specialties. Mr Oates carries everything you're going to need to develop pitchers at the highest level. So get online right now and buy all the goods you need from Oates Specialties".

Wes Johnson
Arkansas Razorbacks Pitching Coach