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Why Are You Running? : Randy Sullivan

Is it time to rethink one of the most long-standing pitcher training modalities ever employed? Kevin was devastated. Having been cut from his high school team and two junior college teams, he came to us seeking to add enough velocity to find a spot on a D1 roster so he’d have a shot at pro…
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Explosively Train the ATP Energy System : Brian Oates

Because my focus is on baseball players, both pitchers and hitters, the ATP energy system is the one of greatest interest and importance. However, if you are involved in any sport which requires explosive movements then this should be the system of greatest interest to you as well. As I said before, it is possible…
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Energy Systems And Performance : Brian Oates

The majority of elite athletes today train using methods which simulate the vigor their bodies will be exerting during competition. The reason for this is due to a realization by top athletes and trainers that peak performance can only be achieved by fine tuning the bodily processes which control their ability to perform. Success in…
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