Deceleration Program

Are you feeling pain in your elbow or shoulder on the back side? Chances are, you could have a deceleration complication.
The DPA Baseball Deceleration Program helps you discover what it's like to have good brakes on our body. If you are slamming on your brakes after you release the ball you will increase the chance of pain in the elbow and shoulder.
Find out what it's like to train for an effective pattern of deceleration.

Pitching Program

Are you in need of a better program structure for your pitching? Are you getting told to do what everyone else is with your pitching?
Are you creating the right drills for your pitching pattern?
DPA Baseball Pitching Program will help you discover what it's like to throw your way with your body type. You will learn how your body plays a roll in how you pitch. Most of all, you will learn how to pitch Pain Free!

Hitting Program

Are you performing in the batter's box? Do you consistently strike out, fly out or ground out?
Is your batting practice stale and boring? Don't you wish you could just hit the ball with power all the time?
The DPA Baseball Hitting program will help you feel what it's like to hit with consistent power. You will learn how the body works in the swing, along with what muscles we need to fire to become a high calibre hitter.

Connecting Your Disconnection Program

Are you suffering from Arm Pain, Fatigue or Soreness. It may well be you have a disconnection going on in your throwing patterns.
Connecting Your Disconnection Programs are Personalised Training Programs which run for 21 consecutive days.
If you are suffering from Arm Pain, Fatigue or Soreness, we can help you clean up your disconnections.

Velocity Program

Are you being held back from playing at the next level due to your velocity? Are you throwing 3-5mph faster than your peers?
The DPA Baseball Velocity Program is a Personalised Training Program designed for you to increase your velocity over a period of time in a safe and healthy manner.
We all know there are many Velocity Programs on the market, but this one is different for the right reasons!

Command Program

Are you struggling to find the strike zone on a consistent basis? Are you being told to slow it down to find the strike zone?
Do you want to learn how to command your pitches to a specific target instead of just throwing strikes?
The DPA Baseball Command Program will help you command your pitches without slowing anything down. Yes, you can train your command on a daily basis and we will show you how.

Catchers Program

Are you struggling behind the plate? Finding it hard to throw runners out? Need work on your defence but don't get the time.
If all you are doing is bullpen work, then this program will help you create a superior training regime to develop those skills.
The DPA Baseball Catcher's program will help you become a better mask man by simply training in a proficient and deliberate way in your own time without the distractions.

60min Skype Session

Are you wondering which program is best fit for you? Do you live outside of Sydney or Interstate? Do you need a Video Analysis?
DPA Baseball is here to help you regardless of where you live with our 60min Skype Session.
In the 60min Skype Session we will go through your video on Pitching or Hitting and forward on to you our 24 Point Assessment so you can fill it out while going through the video. We will then decide which program fits your needs.