Arm Care & Durability


How are you maintaining a healthy and durable arm?

Arm Care & Durability is DPA Baseball’s number one order of business.  To throw with high velocity your body must be connected and organised in a specific and efficient movement pattern so that the neuromuscular can fire. But first you must have an athletic Warm Up prior to your training or game time to recruit the muscles we need to perform with during training or game time.

Not only do you need a Complete Arm Care Program prior to training or game time, you also need a Complete Arm Care Recovery Program for after training or game time. Simply going for a light jog to "Flush" the system is a waste of time.

Once you have completed an Athletic Warm Up and our recommended Arm Care Series you are now ready to go and prepare the arm to throw with intent. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THROWING, YOU CANNOT COOKIE CUT THIS PROCESS.

The Truth & Deception Of Arm Pain

A lot of pitchers will say they don’t have any pain. Truth is, they are hiding it from the coaches, managers and their team mates because it is looked upon as being weak.  Regardless whether it is pain on game day, pain the day after games or pain throughout the week, it all comes down to...YES, you have pain! If you’re doing the same thing you have always done and you still feel the pain, what makes you think the pain will go away.

Time and time again we hear about players getting injured and prescribed physio treatment to fix the pain. Yes, they can help you with the symptom, but have they dealt with the cause? Other times coaches or managers will just say put some ice on it that will fix it. Chances are you have just slowed down the process of healing.


"Arm care is one of the single most important, if not the most important, aspect to creating a healthy, durable arm. And, a healthy, durable arm is the key factor to increasing velocity, improving command, or developing better secondary pitches.



The Truth & Deception Of Overuse

The conventional wisdom in the baseball world is a lot of the time pitchers suffering from injuries are due to overuse. The fact of the matter is we need to throw more, not pitch more, THROW more. We need to prepare the body much, much better. By putting limitations and restrictions on arms is only stopping the arm becoming healthy and durable.

For far too long we have seen shortcuts in this process of Arm Care & Recovery, being running poles, quick stretch with our arms, jog back, pick up your glove and start throwing. To have intent, to have durability, to have neuromuscular firing you must warm up properly...Period!

DPA Baseball Arm Care Program

At DPA Baseball our Arm Care Program and Workouts consist of the following equipment and exercises -

  • Shoulder Tube
  • Wrist Weights
  • Resistance Tubing
  • TAP Bell Club
  • TAP Kettlebells
  • Marc Pro EMS Devices
  • Rocket Wrap Compression Floss
  • TAP Weighted Baseballs
  • TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Balls
  • TAP Connection Ball
  • Durathro™ Training Sock
  • TAP Mini Bands
  • TAP Kneeling Blocks
  • T-Spine Mobility & Flexibility Stretches
  • Motus Sleeve